A little robot somehow magically transported into TV program. Find someone with knowledge about magic to help him get out.

Controls: WASD(or arrows) to run, Space - jump, +/- - switch channels, Esc/Q - pause game (you can switch channels during pause, but only once).

Made withUnity
TagsPuzzle-Platformer, Singleplayer, tv
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Build.zip 17 MB
Build1.zip 14 MB
Build2.zip 14 MB
Build4.zip 14 MB

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Oh, it's so embarrassing! I didn't count for different "fullscreen" aspect ratio, so "walls" show up that supposed to be hidden. And  at the first "channel" you can (and actually should) climb up the cliffs before switching.

I'm trying to make some sort of "tutorial" now, but it feels too clunky and out of place.


The concept is very nice, but the trial and error type of gameplay becomes quite annoying after a while. I think to improve this, you could slightly hint in a way where you are supposed to switch channels on a level, like an arrow or a small "puddle of static" on the ground. Another way to fix this would be to show a small preview of the next channel somewhere, or at least to let the user switch back fast if they end up above a death zone.

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Thanks for feedback. I decided a bit different thing. Now + and - for switching channels have their own cooldowns. So you can switch to other channel and then switch back immediately. Also I added Pause (Esc or Q) and you actually can switch channels right during the pause.

I understand that this mechanic can be a little complex, so now I'm working on sort of tutorial (plus changing levels to be more interesting in general).


Great concept from a great episode from a great show ! I think your game would benefit a lot if it used the "-" button more often to go back and solve some puzzles, right now the it's just advancing with trial and error. The idea is great and it can be polished even more! Keep it up!


Really neat idea. With some polish I think it could be really good. I got stuck on the electric level.

You mean the one with the mage? You haven't reach "To be continued.." sign?

Ah, I think I did see that screen briefly. Good to know I got to the end